Pixie is a Chicago based company specializing in unique, customized paper designs. In today's world, where everything is done on the web,
it is important to remember how intimate and wonderful a thoughtful card or note can be. Our goal is to bring back the personalized touch
of a simple piece of mail, whether it be a handwritten thank you or an exquisitely crafted special occasion invitation.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Reaching out to expand my brand

Now that my website is finally finished, I have taken a step back to try to think of different marketing tools to expand my brand.  Luckily I have experience in working at an ad agency so I have seen what works and what doesn't, so I decided to take a more creative approach.

I recently signed up for twitter, and have yet to understand this new world of "tweeting" but I am trying to get a hang of it.  Being a fan of "Bethenny Getting Married" One of her shows was about her picking out her baby room items and she just fell in LOVE with this green elephant from Yoya. I was inspired to create a custom card with this adorable animal on it....and I did.

I absolutely LOVE how these turned out and I have already added them to my website so others can purchase!
I reached out to Bethenny via twitter about these. She claims that she reads all of her tweets, so lets see if we get a hit....fingers crossed. :) Wouldn't that be great!? If she twittered about them herself?  Maybe this twitter thing is useful...  we will see.


The Mrs. said...

Great idea!!!!

Angela said...

Your strategy worked! I found your site thru B’s tweet and when I saw "Chi" in your username, I had to check it out. You have some great stuff! As an up & coming Chicago entrepreneur, I would love to talk with you about how you rolled your idea into a biz. Maybe we can meet for coffee one day??? @angeladburke

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