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it is important to remember how intimate and wonderful a thoughtful card or note can be. Our goal is to bring back the personalized touch
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Customized shower invites and gifts

Lately I have noticed many mothers have been requesting baby shower invitations or stationary to match their nursery. I absolutely love this idea! What better way to really customize an invitation then to design it around your own baby's room.

I have so much fun designing these too. The process usually starts with the mother-to-be or their family and friends emailing me pictures of the nursery or even links to their registry so I can see what the nursery plans to look like. Taking key elements from these rooms and putting them into a card design is truly unique. They make great shower gifts for the mother-to-be or surprise them with the design on the invitations to their shower.

This can also be done for bridal showers as well. It is a great idea for bridesmaids in need of invitations to the event. Brides love that extra special touch that is put into the invitations by making them cohesive to the wedding. Plus, it gives everyone a sneak peek at the wedding colors and theme.

If your are not the one planning any of these events but happen to be attending, give thank you cards as a gift to match the nursery or wedding theme. Mothers and brides will be amazed and touched at the customization that was done for their gift.

If you are interested in these, contact me at info@pixiechicago.com and I will wave the customization fee if you mention this blog. It is an easy and fun process that will let you have the most unique gift!


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